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Introduction to redundant power supply for power modules



Introduction to redundant power supply for power modules

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1. Features of the redundant power system:
     Power expansion; redundant backup
2. N+m redundancy:
     In the parallel expansion process, in order to improve the system operation stability, N+m redundancy method can be adopted.
     N: Number of power expansion modules.
The larger the value of N, the larger the output power expansion.
     M: Number of redundant backup modules. The larger the M value, the higher the system reliability.
3. Common configuration forms:
4. Backup type:
Cold backup: Normally powered by one of the power modules, the backup module is in standby (only 12VSB
Output, no 12V output) or full shutdown (no 12V and 12VSB) status. When the power supply module fails, the backup module starts to work immediately.
Application of weak analysis: The advantage is that the power system does not need the current sharing control circuit, and the backup module is in the standby or full shutdown state, and the power system conversion efficiency is high. The disadvantage is that the power switch has a time interval at the time of failure, and can be used when the system is allowed to restart.
Hot backup: When one of the power modules is powered by normal, the backup module is in a light sleep state (the 12V voltage that enters the light sleep is lower than the other one and is in the unloaded state). When the power supply module fails, the backup module will wake up immediately and take over the work.
Application of weak analysis: no current sharing control circuit is required. Because the backup module is in a light sleep state, the light load conversion efficiency of the power system is between cold backup and current sharing backup. When the power supply module fails, the backup module can complete seamless switching, but cannot expand. Output Power.
Current sharing backup: It consists of multiple power modules with the same function, and is controlled by the current sharing circuit.
          Load balancing, when one power supply fails, other power modules can take over immediately
          It works and reloads.
 Application strength analysis: It can expand the output power and can complete the seamless switching backup function, which is more common.
5. Redundant power configuration and backup selection
    Which power configuration should be used by the server, one depends on the server to connect to a few power modules, and the other is to see the purpose and importance of the server. For servers that are important and not suitable for downtime maintenance, redundant power supplies should be provided where funding permits.
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